Royal Wedding Safa for Groom – Adding a Touch of Royalty

The typical Indian wedding remains incomplete without a touch of royalty. Also known as pagri, the Royal Wedding Safa For Groom is the main component that is essential across ages in weddings. Wrapped around the head of the groom, this single piece of cloth denotes appreciation and respect for him. Available in different patterns and colours, the royal wedding turban offered by us instantly provides an elegant and majestic touch to the groom’s look. Keeping in mind the Indian marriage tradition and having knowledge of the ins and outs of classy men’s headwear, we at Mateshwari Safa Wala specialise in providing an exquisite range of safas.

The Crown For The Groom

The Royal Wedding Safa For Groom, apart from raising the groom’s fashion quotient, also makes him the cynosure of all eyes by giving him a royal edge. The groom apart, male members of the barati (wedding procession) also wear the safa, which measures approximately one metre in width and 8.5 metres in length. We aim to ensure that the groom stands apart from the crowd on his marriage day. We offer safas made from different fabrics such as:

• Crepe
• Cotton chiffon
• Satin
• Silk
• Chanderi
• Kota

A Diverse Range Of Pagri

We know that the requirements of safas might differ from one groom to the other. Keeping this in mind, we offer a wide range of wedding pagris. You can rest assured that you will find the safa of your choice on our online store that helps you look exclusive on your wedding day. Our favored collections include:

• Chundari gol
• Royal kesariya doriya
• Royal lehriya doriya
• Royal chundari, and
• Royal panchrangi

Select Your Safa Effortlessly

We know the problems grooms face when trying to rent a royal safa online. Keeping this in mind, we have included filters on our website that allow them to select safas by size, price, and colour. The different sizes of safa we have in stock ensure that you will find one that fits your head perfectly. Nowadays, grooms prefer to wear pagris in different colours instead of traditional pink. Keeping this in mind, we have included safas in different colours in our collection. It includes pagdis in a diverse range of hues, such as:

• Traditional maroon
• Flamboyant red
• Exquisite blue
• Rose pink, and
• Earthly brown

Attention To Quality

The headwear plays a vital role in making the groom look like a king on his marriage day. Keeping this in mind, our specialists conduct a thorough quality control test on each pagri to ensure they are flawless before offering them for hire. It ensures that you get the best quality pagdi in Mumbai when you hire them from us. The fact that past customers refer us to their friends and relatives looking for marriage headwear endorses the quality of our royal safa.

The Price Factor

Price plays a significant role when selecting wedding turbans for baratis. Our diverse price range ensures that grooms do not face any budgetary problems when hiring pagdis for their relatives and friends attending the wedding procession. However, it does mean that we compromise on their quality. Your baratis will look exquisite when they wear turbans from Mateshwari Safa Wala. We shall not disappoint you as well, as you can find a Royal pagdi at the price of your choice.

What Makes us Unique?

The number of results you will find when searching online for wedding pagdis will overwhelm you. However, not all of them are trustworthy. Most online marriage accessory vendors hardly have the knowledge required to make a gorgeous royal groom pagri. The headwear they offer lacks the quality needed to ensure that you look stunning on your marriage day. Often, they provide pagris of a different size than what you requested. It means that the headwear they provide is either loose or too tight. You can be sure that you will not face such problems when buying your pagdi from us.

Pagri Tying Specialists

Although we offer pre-wrapped turbans, there are occasions when the groom wants the headgear tied in a specific way. Wrapping a pagri requires skill and experience. Additionally, there are different ways to drape the groom’s headwear. The style of the Rajasthani pagri differs from that of Gujarati headwear. With their years of experience, our pagri-wrapping specialists will tie the turban on your head as per your requirements.

The Ultimate Pagdi Solution

We at Mateshwari Safa Wala offer comprehensive pagdi solutions for the groom and the members of his barati. Over the years, we have helped thousands of grooms look their best on their marriage day. View the wide range of royal wedding safa for groom on our website. We are sure that you will find the royal pagdi of your choice on it. Contact us today; we shall help you select the royal safa that will make you look like an emperor on your wedlock day.