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Marriages are made in Heaven but consummated on earth. In a country known for its diverse culture and festivals, every region boasts of its specific culture and celebration to bind the bride and groom in holy matrimony. Festivities, vibrant colors, and strict & elaborate rituals undoubtedly differentiate Indian marriages from others. It is the same with Marathi marriages as well. Lip-smacking foods, the chatter of wedding guests, décor and rangoli with beautiful and intricate patterns, colorful lights & flowers make up the spirit and pulse of Marathi weddings. The cuisines, hospitality, and gorgeous attires worn by men and women make this special event stand out from the rest. Brides want to recreate the splendor and magic of their mother’s era by wearing traditional saris and jewelry; grooms try to look their best by wearing the conventional dhotar along with bandhgalas. Although attire styles have changed over the years, the Maharashtrian pheta remains in vogue during Marathi marriages.

An essential part of the groom’s marriage attire

The attire of the Hindu groom remains incomplete without the traditional headwear known as safa. People often confuse the pagri with the safa. The traditional pagri is longer than 21 meters, while the safa is between nine to 11 meters. Also, the draping style of the safa differs from one state of the country to the other. Maharashtrian use a different style of draping for the Marathi safa. The color of the traditional Maharashtrian marriage headwear consists of a combination of white and saffron, which captures the essence of a Maratha. People of Maharashtra wear this symbol of prestige and pride during wedding occasions and religious functions. Offering a wide range of phetas, made of different fabrics like silk and cotton with gold trimmings on their border, Mateshwari Safa Wala is the brand leader of Maharashtrian headwear.

A brief history of the Maharashtrian safa

One can trace the origin of this traditional headgear of Maharashtra to the Peshwa era. During those days, wearing the pheta was considered a mandatory part of clothing. Many distinguished personalities like Sant Tukaram and legendary warriors like Rani Laxmibai and Chatprati Shivaji used to wear this headgear. Older men also wore the pheta as a gesture of dignity, gratitude, and respect. Traditionally, the attire of the Marathi groom remains incomplete without the pheta. Besides the groom, the baratis also wear this traditional Marathi headwear.

We offer a wide variety of Marathi pagris

Although most grooms prefer to wear the traditional pheta, some opt for modernized versions. Mateshwari Safa Wala offers a wide range of Marathi pagri in a wide range of colors to suit the taste of any groom. Apart from the saffron and white encrusted pheta, we also stock the Puneri pheta, which has a distinct golden border and is available in checkered patterns. You can also find a wide assortment of the renowned Kohlapuri pheta, available in many colors and has a bandhani effect. Our wide variety of Marathi pagris ensures that you will find one that suits your taste in our online store. Over the years, our phetas have adorned the head of countless Marathi grooms and also famous personalities. Thanks to its quality and design, those who have worn our marriage headgear recommend it to their families and friends.

Different draping styles

On the one hand, the location and the nature of the place determine the style of draping the Marathi turban. We stock a diverse range of pagris like the Lahiri style, Puneri style, Mawali style, Kohlapuri style, and many more. On the other hand, varieties and styles are linked with distinguished personalities like Tukaram Maharaj pheta, Mahatma Gandhi pheta, and Shahi pheta, to name a few. Draping the pheta is an intricate art in which one drapes a small piece of fabric six to seven rounds around the head with a tiny bit of the pagri, called the shemala, hanging loose like a tail. You need not worry if your friends or family members do not know how to tie the Marathi pheta. Our pagri tying specialists will help the groom and the baratis by tying the headgear in the style of their choice. We also stock ready-to-wear headwear. Select the size of your head, and we shall send a pre-draped pagri. You only need to fix it on your head.

We are different from other pagdi vendors

You must look the best and stand apart from the rest during your special day. Although you will find many online stores offering phetas for the Marathi groom, none of them have the wide range of styles and colors we stock. They lack the basic knowledge of creating a ready-to-wear pheta. The result is that their pagris do not fit your head snugly. A loose pagdi can drop out from the groom’s head when he is bowing down to touch the feet of his elder relatives. Can you imagine the embarrassment you will have to face if this occurs? On the contrary, you will not be able to don a tight-fitting pheta, however hard you try. We at Mateshwari Safa Wala guarantee that you will never face such problems when you buy pagris from us. Occasionally, you might find a pheta too tight or loose for your head. You need not worry as our pagri-tying specialists will fix the problem on the spot.

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